• FREEDOM ...… is your birthright. God gave it to you.
  • FREE SPEECH ...… is the linchpin of Freedom. The ‘woke’ corporations are taking it from you.
  • OUR ECONOMY ...… must be free of them – or they will always control us.
  • THE POWER ...… to achieve this is yours alone. No 'leader' can do this for you.
  • JOIN US ...… in building this Woke-Free Economy: for God, for America, for your Family - and your Freedom!
One Stop Capital

You Are the Key

This website is a directory for businesses that support Free Speech and the American Way.

The companies listed here are where we, patriotic Americans, can safely spend the money we withhold from the woke corporations we boycott.

We do this to save:
- our children from woke, child-grooming teachers,
- our minds from woke indoctrination,
- our politicians from (always woke) corporate influence,
- our economy and universities from Chinese communist infiltration, and
- ourselves from having to tell our children, one day soon, that we stood idly by while all of these destroyed our country.

America exists because of you. Woke corporations want to take her away from you and turn America into their dystopian nightmare.

You and 200+ million American patriots have the power to stop them cold - and all it takes is for you to change where you spend your money. They can't exist without us, but we don't need them at all.

In your hands, this patriot business directory is the weapon that dismantles the enemies of free speech while we build the real America.

Imagine: a single change of habit can save your country.

The tool is here. The time is now.

This is the solution you have been searching for.

Listen to our theme song: "I Am America" and then ...

Do you Own A Business?

List it with us and market your products to up to 200 million patriots. Woke companies need not apply!

We' are 200 million American patriots, and we refuse to buy from companies that hate America and us!

We are taking them down - and we're building you up.


Get off the Woke Grid

Just by redirecting your monthly spending to the companies you find here, you can divert up to 80% of your expenses away from the

woke companies that destroy everything you love. Use your money to bless patriot American companies instead.

They destroyed our culture. Now we destroy them.

Join us!

In the Woke Free Economy, you will prosper like never before. With you to buy from, we'll defund America's corporate enemies.

We fight for you. Will you fight with us?

Welcome to the Future of America!




Woke Free Economy Business Directory

This website is your tool. We built it for you, but only you can make it what it is destined to become.

  • Do you have a business, even a really tiny one? List it here!
  • Do you know any patriots who own a business … even a tiny one? Ask them to list it here
  • Post about us on "Trump Social", on Gab, on Gettr, and wherever else you post.
  • WE DO NOT ADVERTISE ON WOKE MEDIA or try to "rank" on Google. Pass us on to your favorite online show or podcast. Ask them to report on us and interview us. We need publicity. 

With each new business listed here, patriot shoppers like you have yet another opportunity to spend their money on patriots - not on paid idiots. 

With each new business listed here and with every purchase you make from those businesses, you deprive the woke economy of the money it needs to survive: yours!

Yes, they are that vulnerable!

With each dollar you spend on a business listed here, you invest in a free America and you free those businesses up to expand and invest their profits in themselves and in other patriot businesses.

Yes, you can do this - and with you, we can do this.